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Jul 09, 2020 How to Hook Up PS3 to Internet - Tech Spirited To connect a PS3 to the Internet, one requires a good wireless router, which is the main source of a connection, and will act as the access point. After setting the access point, the PS3 should be switched on. Once it is switched on, click on the ‘settings’ option, from there, go to ‘network settings’ option, and then click on Internet PS3 Optimal Network Settings Guide - Jul 08, 2009 PS3 ISOs & PKGs * Direct Links | Jun 20, 2020

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Oct 20, 2017

The guide is updated as new system software is released and can be used for PlayStation®3 systems with current system software. Instruction Manual. A downloadable guide (PDF) with PlayStation®3 system safety and troubleshooting information, specifications, and information on setting up the system, preparing for use and basic hardware operations.

Jan 06, 2018 PS3™ | Internet Connection Settings (advanced settings) Select [Internet Connection Settings]. Select [Yes] when a confirmation screen is displayed stating that you will be disconnected from the Internet. 3. Select [Custom]. Adjust each item as necessary for the network environment in use. The items displayed vary depending on the settings you have selected.