Sep 20, 2013 · I have a tricky one! I’m sure my father (who uses my internet very often when he comes over) has hacked into my router so he can monitor my usage of MY internet. What I do in my home on my internet is my business. What can I do about that? He is quite a genius when it comes to software/hardware programmes and so on and I am not.

May 29, 2018 · Routers may be infected with malware 01:21. Hundreds of thousands of computer routers that connect U.S. homes and businesses to the internet may have been infected by malware placed by hackers Oct 21, 2019 · My son and I were playing MWF 3 last Sunday night and this gamer (XMC Fallen) sent my son (11 yrs old)6 voice mails demanding 1600 Microsoft points saying “If you don’t play nice and give me my points I will fry your Xbox and router, I have your IP address and I see you live in Olympia “I told him were not going to give him any points and sure enough our internet went down it took awhile Sep 04, 2017 · (Image: Victor Gevers) Thousands of routers, many of which belong to AT&T U-verse customers, can be easily and remotely hacked through several critical security vulnerabilities. Mar 15, 2009 · When checking to see if a wireless router has been hacked, access the router by typing in into the address bar. View a list of all of the clients who are accessing a router with help

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Jun 19, 2018 · My router is hacked right now and doesn’t allow any internet use. It doesn’t say anywhere that buying a new one effectively solves the problem. There’s plenty of advice on how to reboot a router but I can’t even get it to reboot despite everything I’ve researched this week.

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