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Aug 13, 2009 · 1) Good results are at least 80% of what you're paying for. If you had a 50mbps connection, those would be terrible results. If you were paying for 3mbps, they'd be unbelievable. What is Internet connection speed? Internet connection speed is a test for measuring speed of data rate. This is an amount of bits of information passed per second (measured in kilobits per second Kbps, megabits per second Mbps or gigabits per second Gbps). 1-UP. Fastest upload speed. Champion Of The Internet. Best combined download/upload speeds. Consistent. Two consecutive tests with the exact same speeds Home Telephone Speed Test Nov 02, 2013 · i took the speed test on and these were my results: ping: 49 ms download speed: 5.92Mbps upload speed: 1.17Mbps is this good? bad? average? not good at interpreting these. Jul 18, 2019 · To generate and provide a URL to the share results image pass the --share option: $ ./speedtest-cli --share Of course, you can combine both the options: $ ./speedtest-cli --share --bytes Sample outputs:

An overview of SpeedTest.Net. The mastermind behind the platform is Ookla. The company has an incredible reputation in the field of internet speed test. Till date, Ookla has run more than 20 billion internet speed tests. It exemplifies the trust people have in the company for getting the most accurate internet metrics., also known as Speedtest by Ookla, is an United States based web service that provides free analysis of Internet access performance metrics, such as connection data rate and latency. It was founded by Ookla in 2006, and is based in Seattle, Washington , U.S.A. AT&T Speed Tier Type Expected Speeds†† Download Upload; FastAccess DSL Lite*, Fast Access DSL Direct Lite, High Speed Internet Basic, High Speed Internet Business Edition Basic**, High Speed Internet Business Edition Direct Basic**, FastAccess Business DSL Lite*, FastAccess Business DSL Direct Lite

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SpeedOf.Me is a broadband speed test that allows you to easily measure your actual Internet speed on all your devices like desktop, mobile, tablet, game console, smart TV, etc. Adicionamos algumas atualizações para tornar o app Speedtest ainda melhor. Tem mais alguma coisa que você gostaria de sugerir? Adoraríamos ouvir suas sugestões.