OpenVPN & pam_radius_auth - Dynamic CR · Issue #92

username/password authentication, which can prove the user knows something. challenge/response authentication, which can prove the user has something or the user is something. Username/Password Authentication. Username/password authentication is done using scripts on the OpenVPN server combined with an '--auth-user-pass' option in an OpenVPN configuration file on the OpenVPN client. Password Station Client Welcome to Marriott Password Management System SELF-SERVICE CROSS-PLATFORM PASSWORD RESET AND SYNCHRONIZATION. Primary Account. Enterprise ID: Language: MARRIOTT CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY INFORMATION The contents of this material are confidential and proprietary to Marriott International, Inc. and may not be reproduced, disclosed Changing OpenVPN passwords The server never checks the client passwords, only the client certificates (which are public). Therefore it is possible to change the password without involving the server. In windows, the OpenVPN GUI already provides an interface to change the password (well, with some limitations). In Linux you can use the openssl command for this purpose.

Clients of your VPN do not only require the normal VPN certificate or a shared secret, they also need to provide a One Time Password to improve security significantly. There are various methods to use OTP with OpenVPN - the following will be described in this guide:

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