In collaboration with interested parties, we will continue to enhance TF-A with reference implementations of Arm standards to benefit developers working with Armv7-A and Armv8-A TrustZone technology. Users are encouraged to do their own security validation, including penetration testing, on any secure world code derived from TF-A.

Dec 28, 2017 ARM Cortex-M TrustZone. Secure/Non Secure Trusted/Non-Trusted The ARM Cortex-M TrustZone is nothing but an addition of a secure/non secure access level distinction in addition to already existing privilege/Non privileged levels, to indicate Secure/Non-Secure Processor State. These access levels when used in conjunction with the secure and non-secure MPUs gives the user a very powerful technique for a Five key features of the ARM Cortex-M33 Processor

Sep 30, 2019

security implementation with an optimized AXI5 system for Arm TrustZone technology, accelerating the route to PSA Certified silicon and devices. Arm Ethos-U55 microNPU Ethos-U55* is the industry’s first microNPU designed for microcontroller-class devices. It is integrated with a single Cortex-M toolchain to provide exceptional performance - Fully bypassing TrustZone-M security features on some new ARMv8M processors. We will also demonstrating how to bypass security features and how to break the reference secure bootloader of the Microchip SAM L11, one of the newest, TrustZone-M enabled ARM Cortex-M processors, using roughly $5 of equipment.

Arm TrustZone technology training This course is designed to give platform developers a complete overview of designing trusted systems with Arm TrustZone technology. The course will introduce the privilege model and memory separation features of the v8-A architecture and it will discuss platform and software requirements to allow such

Mar 17, 2017 ARM Brings TrustZone Security Technology to IoT Devices