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How To Allow Or Block Apps In Windows Firewall - Winaero It can be used to allow or deny the app from accessing the network. Select the network locations you want to allow (private or public) or uncheck them all to block the app. To allow an app through Windows Firewall using Firewall Settings, do the following. Open Settings. Go to Network & Internet - Status. How to Share an Internet Connection with Other Computers Jan 05, 2016 How to setup the internet access through the Cisco ASA The last step is to add the access-list to permit traffic. Create the simple access-list to allow inside network access to internet. hostname (config)# object-group service allow_internet_tcp tcp hostname (config-service)# description allow tcp ports for allowing access internet access hostname (config-service)# port-object eq 80 How to Block Internet Access in Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7

Aug 10, 2017

Jan 05, 2016

Allow access to everywhere. It's not the first pass rule that allows access to the internet. The first pass rule just makes sure all VLANs can access the default gateway, that's all. This is redundant for the LAN interface (since that interface already has the anti-lockout rule that does the same).

Aug 13, 2017