Not over the phone. They will tell you to come on down to the station where they can talk with you about it. I always wondered if there are some people who are actually stupid enough to do this. A warrant is a court order, issued by a judge, usual

Jul 24, 2020 Will the warrant be dismissed if I pay the fine? | If the warrant is simply for the nonpayment of a fine, then probably the warrant will be recalled. Another factor to consider though is whether or not a court hearing date has been scheduled on this case. If so, you may be required to go to the hearing before the warrant is recalled. You may also have to pay a warrant fee. It is generally about Can You Get a Passport if You Have a Warrant? | 10Best Sep 26, 2017

What to do if Immigration Agents (ICE) are at your door

What to Do If You Think There is a Warrant Out For Your Arrest Do You Think You May Have an Outstanding Warrant? An outstanding warrant for your arrest can be issued for a number of reasons. Criminal bench warrants are routinely issued for failure to appear in court to face criminal charges or a similar proceeding such as a traffic ticket due to a moving violation. So You Think You Have a Warrant? What Should You Do

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