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1 day ago · Read More: How to Create Tasks on Gmail. 3. Delete Old Emails. The last resort is to smart-select emails from specific senders and deletes them all. Deleting Emails by Searching from the Sender’s Name; Step 1: Type in the name of the sender. Step 2: Mark all the emails. Step 3: Delete all conversations from that sender. When Does Your Gmail Account Expire? - Lifewire Dec 19, 2019 How do I delete an old gmail account when I have forgotten

But if you are upgrading your phone and want to sell or giveaway the old smartphones that you own then you must delete your Gmail account from it as it contains all the private information you own. If you have linked your Gmail account with your phone then you will be …

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How To Bulk Delete Gmail Emails - 3 Easy Ways The search bar at the top of your Gmail account is very smart. There are dedicated search operators for Gmail that will allow you to search for specific type of emails and delete them. For example, you can search emails by size to delete emails with big attachments, or you can search for old emails and delete … How to delete your Gmail account - YouTube Jan 12, 2017 How to delete Gmail Account Permanently - YouTube Mar 03, 2013 2 Ways to Delete a Gmail Account on Android