Hi, use the kiosk mode command line switch. right click on the Desktop to display the context menu and select New>Shortcut. enter the following as the executable path (replace url with the uri of the website you want to start the browser in)

Jan 04, 2017 · i want to be able to hide php extension in url so that if i got to login it will work the same way as if i was going to login.php These answers are provided by our Community. If you run into issues leave a comment, or add your own answer to help others. Hide the Target URL of a Link in Status Bar. There are some instances where you have redirect the user through one page to get them to another page. There is a way to do this stealthily - without letting the user know that there was a redirect. Yes - it sounds evil - but it don't have to be. The Address Bar of Chrome is useless in a Chrome App and I was wondering if there was a way to disable it. There are two ways to hide a URL. Let's talk about the first method: #1. you can run chrome in command prompt to hide URL. for Windows Perfo Embedding a YouTube Video but Hiding the URL. Embedding YouTube videos on your business website gives your customers a clear indication of your products, services and ideals. You can disable the URL and return link to YouTube to keep potential customers and clients on your site, while also preventing them from

I'd like the new text to hide the URL, but remain hot and roll-overable, allowing the link to still take you to the video. Thanks ~ FFLAK. More Less.

If you want to use pretty URLs (i.e. hide your .php extensions) AND you have safe-mode=on, the previous example (ForceType) won't work for you. The problem is that safe-mode forces Apache to honor trailing characters in a requested URL. You can hide the location.href value from users by running your web pages within the one frameset. Here is a snippet from the start page of a website Jul 11, 2017 · To access the Address Bar simply click on the tab. Keep in mind that the Address Bar will auto-hide rather quickly if you do not make use of it soon enough. Hiding the Address Bar and Bookmarks Bar will really minimize the top UI section of the browser ( see first screenshot above ).

The referer is the URL of the page the user came from, giving webmasters the option to track back the origin of users visiting their sites. The dereferer's part is to suppress this information; when analysing their transfer logs, webmasters will track back to the dereferer's URL instead of the original URL.

Jan 07, 2012 · Now i wanted to hide Microsite from the URL. Can you please guide me to achieve the output. URL Rewrite Sub Directory. Reply; Uk-Sam 201 Posts. The url is encrypted properly, so query parameters should never be revealed directly. However, traffic analysis can get the length of the URL often - and knowing the server and the length of the url is often enough to eavesdrop what pages are being accessed, especially if assuming that links on a page are clicked. Dec 20, 2016 · · Access the report via the report server URL instead of the reports URL. · Add a command to the URL to hide the toolbar. The first item was covered in the last blog post, so let’s move onto the next item, how to access the report server URL. It is not well-known, but there are two URLs that you can use to access reports from a web browser. For the customers of our resellers should the solution be branded like it is a software application from the reseller himself. This is completely implemented exept 1 thing, the URL. I did a lot of research how to hide an URL/URI and a reverse proxy seems to be the best solution. Hi elahi1mahdi , Why do you want to hide id in URL? And the URL change you want is under what circumstances, request or response? It is not feasible to hide when generating the request url. Jun 23, 2017 · No, I test using Firefox. This is not a browser issue, it's a web design issue. Take a look at this page, note that the cursor does not change when hovered over the image, and no URL is displayed in the corner of the browser. May 02, 2014 · It shows the same page URL as seen in the address bars of Firefox 29 and Chrome Canary 36.0.1951. Two days ago news broke that Chrome was going to modify the address bar in the browser to hide a page’s URL. Web developers reacted pretty swiftly saying it’s a bad idea.