Unable to ping NetBIOS name, but able to ping FQDN

Fix Couldn't Rresolve Hostname Cydia Impactor Error May 29, 2017 Remote Desktop (RDP) - connects via IP, but not name? Nov 23, 2018 Unable to ping NetBIOS name, but able to ping FQDN

If you need to change the Host Address for a site that is already setup in the CuteFTP Site Manager, you can edit it easily. To make changes, first open the Site Manager (press F4 ) and then in CuteFTP Home , click once on the name of the site and then make the necessary changes on the right side of the screen.

Jun 11, 2009 · Usually when it says "Can't resolve hostname" the Ip is usually typed in wrong, or maybe missing a certain number. This has happened when I try to join servers then I look at the ip and put it in again, (Correcty) then it works. ping doesn't resolve hostname, but nslookup does My laptop is managed by company domain, but most of the time I'm working from home. When at home, sometimes the internet access is unstable, the browser cannot show any site, it's not related to my router.

What is the meaning of error: 'Unable to resolve host name'?

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